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3 - D Terrain Pricing

Pricing for our 3-D maps is on an individual basis. Each map is built to the specifications of the customer, and can include a wide variety of options, all of which are gone over with the prospective client privately. There are literally hundreds of different ways that the customer can modify the map to their own tastes; some examples are color, shape, design, scale, overall theme, lighting, etc. It is impossible to list a full menu of options in this regard. Customers are therefore informed that, if they can think of an option to add or change on the map of their choice, it most likely can be done in one fashion or another.


A simple method of gauging an approximation as to the cost of the build is to start with a base cost of between 10 cents and 25 cents per square of the map. (The variance is due to complexity of the map build in question, and / or the level of detail involved.) This will give one a fair idea of what the maps final cost should be around. Keep in mind, however, that using this gauge means to also take into account every square, front and back, vertical, horizontal, etc. Also any special upgrades or modifications will of course amend that approximation too.


Please bear in mind that the above also does not include any shipping costs as well. We currently do not ship outside of the Contiguous United States, and would most likely use USPS Overnight or a freight carrier for all deliveries (such as UPS or another such entity that handles large-size boxes). Any questions, or requests for a quote, are most welcome. Thank you for your interest in our products.