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  Above are some examples of the 3-D Miniature Terrain that we make. The first model we introduced was Pine View Mall. It is literally a typical example of a modern shopping mall that is usable with a variety of miniatures that are out there. We show some items in the pictures above produced by WizKids Inc to illustrate the scale of our models and also to show their strength. As you can see they are able to hold gigantic figures with no difficulty at all. The models are fully usable in a 3-D format, having both interior and exerior areas for figures to move about in. Most of the items we make are interchangeable and can be laid out together to form whole city blocks etc. We do make custom items as well, at the customers desire - for instance the above Batcave from the 1966 TV show and 1989 Batmobile, (again images of WizKids products used to illustrate size of the models) and of course the Hall of Justice. Additionally above is the Avengers Mansion, one of our most in depth endeavors yet, with the most striking feature of the product being that it can be taken completely apart for storage and then reassembled again to game on. The Mansion can easily be stored flat under any bed. Our newest model is the Park of Peril. It is a standard example of any city park found throughout the US and has our latest option: working lights. You will notice in the pictures that the walkway lights are all lit and the affect is quite striking in a darkened room. This option was specifically done on this model to show just how detailed these models can be made at the customers request. Street lights are just one 'working' option available to be added to these wonderful miniature terrain sets.

  These 3-D playsets are all made to the customers specifications and can be built with a wide variety of options. As they are fairly unique, each one is basically a work of art - they're all made by hand. They are all extremely light-weight and can be easily held in one hand, while still being exceptionly tough, durable, and strong. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.