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 11/15/19   -   The latest print run of CSSK has just sold out! We would once again like to thank all our loyal fans out there for your support. Fulfillment of a new CSSK print run will await the receiving of the minimum orders neccessary for submission. Our sincere thanks and best wishes that you all enjoy the book!










  7/12/13   -   Chris Bernhardt of Bernhardt Publishing LLC has completed his first primary authored game supplement, "City-State of the Sea Kings", in partnership with Judges Guild. The book is now available for purchase here, and was officially unveiled at GenCon 2013.



  6/17/19  -  Fourteen years on the net! We've had our 14th anniversary and have new products out and more on the way! We look forward to many more.




Prior Works by Chris Bernhardt and Current Available Items from Bernhardt Publishing.

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    Welcome to Bernhardt Publishing!


  We are an organization producing fiction literature and role-playing game supplements, as well as miniature game terrain.  We began in the year 2000 by collaborating with other groups, producing new RPG’s and are now looking to publish our own works and expand into fiction novels and short stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

  We believe that there is a creative fire within the industry that has gone untapped, that we intend to bring to the forefront of the market. We are doing this by example via our own works, which we hope will encourage others to express themselves. Our hope by this endeavor is to set the industry on fire with the flames of our creativity. Come join the fun in fanning the flames of our collective imaginations!

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